Triptych in the cold

Added on by Emil Ryge.

This is an attempt to make a triptych with a view over the South Funen archipelagos. Keeping luminosity constant over three plates in freezing temperatures and with clouds moving in and out is what could fairly be labled a challenge.

Everything is a mess. I really miss summer and decent temperatures. And my silver bath is in bad need of some love and affection it turns out (this problem has since writing this solved itself as I dropped the bottle on the ground. 100 euros of silver on the pavement. Dammit).

Standing on Funen, we have Bjørnø on the right and Avernakø in the middle. And the town on the left is Dyreborg. Remember that wet plates always are reversed from right to left. 

Now, if only I could figure out how to mount these...