Featured in Politiken

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Today, Danish daily Politiken published their annual section dedicated to photography. They were kind enought to include some of my tintypes form my recent series on youth.

As well as being included in today's paper, it can be picked up at the World Press Photo exhibition at Pressen in Copenhagen.

There's also a feature online with a longer article, more images and a short video. 

Exhibition in Tønder

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Last year I visited Tønder Festival, a folk music festival in the southern part of Denmark, to do tintypes of musicians, guests and volunteers. This year the festival asked if they could exhibit the plates, and it's safe to say they did. 

Thanks to Helle Arentbak for snapping the photos, as I unfortunatly couldn't be there this year. 


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I've recently posted the first leg of my tintype series on youth on my website. It's still a work in progress and I'll post more images as I make them. 

I haven't written a full statement yet, but I'm exploring the effects of speed and of slowing down. These kids and young adults are moving at a blistering pace, often posting pictures of our shared image-making process on social media before I'm even done setting up my slow and complicated wet plate collodion rig. I'm curious to see the effect of asking them to sit still for extended periods at a time and their response to the laborious process involved in making a tintype image.